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Our Philosophy

Regardless of who you are, ParenTish is here to ensure you stay fully informed on the topics of  parenting and beyond.

We do that by curating insightful stories and in-depth interviews.


At ParenTish, our philosophy is to nourish the most important bonds, first with yourself, then with your family and close relationships. We help parents seek out the practical tools and knowledge they need to feel empowered and supported as they child-rear. From pregnancy, to the early learning years and to teens we are there through it all!

Distributed on a quarterly basis globally, ParenTish an e-magazine features comprehensive, informative feature articles giving their readers insight into gentle parenting that exist in today’s world, thus allowing’ parents to take an ‘intuitive’ approach based on their own individual family’s needs.

Fundamentally, ParenTish advocates the principles of Attachment Parenting, and the Attachment Theory – A Secure Base for Babies and Parents. Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another, across time and space (Ainsworth, 1973; Bowlby, 1969).

The attachments and challenges that we have with our own parents, our partners, our children, our siblings and our friends, can be strongly associated with the patterns of attachment blue prints we formed during the critical periods in our early development, with our primary caregiver. Given our current expert knowledge and experience of over 20 years, we understand that some of the historically accepted ways of being with children, can leave them vulnerable to suffering a range of mental, emotional and physical health issues later in life.

Established in 2023, ParenTish is dedicated to exploring parenting techniques and the profound relational moments that parents share with their children. Our mission is to delve into how these interactions can directly influence brain development and long-term nervous system regulation. By understanding these dynamics, parents can foster deeply enriching relationships not only with their children but also with others.

Stay connected with us to stay informed and never miss a beat!

With love from the ParenTish Team.

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